Beehives and Live Bee Removals,

Beehives in your home? Call Lonestarspecialty we do live Bee Removals and Bee Rescues help save the bee’s and protect your home and family when you Call Lonestarspecialty to do your Live Bee Removals. we relocate the beehives to bastrop county last year we had a honey flow almost all summer a big help for Bee rescue because the bees can feed themselves with a natural food source . Lonestarspecialty is also pursuing a survivor queen breeding program. there is a growing number of beekeepers that think breeding wild bees will help save the bee’s 

last year some of my most productive Beehives were a Bee rescue from  Live Bee Removals . now that we have our apiary in bastrop county we have plenty of room for all the beehives we are  developing and a second apiary to place our established  beehives with the start of the honey flow we are hoping for a good year  for  bees

people often ask why not just kill the bees? the most important reason for the home owner is that the Beehive  can contain a lot of honey and brood the bees take care of the Beehive when they are killed the hive can go rancid and the resulting mess can cause a lot of damage to the  interior and  or exterior of your home. it can also attract bugs rodents and even more bees,


bees in porch

bee pic one

The Beehive pictured above is a fairly new hive you can tell by the light colored wax this hive is less than a year old