Saving Honeybee Hives with Hive Beatles how to rehive honeybees

saving Honeybee Hives Beatles are huge problem for the honeybee hives Hive Beetles are very abundant in the south if you are going to save some wild bees i would recommend that you do not use any of the bee hive you are saving. the Hive Beetles will lay eggs in the bee larvae and the eggs will hatch and  in a few days you will have hundreds of maggots. the maggots kill brood that rots and they carry a yeast that will ferment the honey, this will cause a bad odor and your new bees will leave there new home.

What i recommend is to take your new bees and separate them from old comb and place them in a new 5 frame nuc type bee hive .Note that i make my own nucs that are 5 frames wide and as tall as a deep super or hive body.Also i make a hole low on the side about 3 inches round or square with screen over it for air on the front i make a similar hole but i cove it with a section of queen excluder that keeps the queen in then i drill a hole that matches the lid of a mason jar that i feed sugar water with that is the the hive body.  then i use a frame from a shallow super so that there is space under the frames the space allows room for the bees so you can drop the frames fast without crushing the bees

Below are some pictures the top left is a new hive about 6 days since i took it out of a house and put it in this hive it is hard to see but there are hundreds of bees flying around they are trying to coax the queen into leaving and that is why i have the queen excluder on the front after a while when they settle down i will find the queen and clip her wings and mark her, i will do this late evening before dark.



bee hive

beehive showing vent on side feeder and queen excluder

bee hive side

side view


bellow you can see the short hive frame i use to start my hive i find that new wax foundation or rite cell wax coated foundation gets the bees drawing comb fastest and in a good pattern


frames big and small

shows a shallow frame you can see the space it would leave

older hive

older hive


The photo to the right is of a older hive lots of bees but they are off doing bee things not trying to swarm so they are settling in i will remove the excluder soon.

in conclusion the Reason i dont use any of the old hive is hive beetles and there maggots ruin hives.

after the bees start building their beehive new they will control the hive beetles

Beehives and Live Bee Removals,

Beehives in your home? Call Lonestarspecialty we do live Bee Removals and Bee Rescues help save the bee’s and protect your home and family when you Call Lonestarspecialty to do your Live Bee Removals. we relocate the beehives to bastrop county last year we had a honey flow almost all summer a big help for Bee rescue because the bees can feed themselves with a natural food source . Lonestarspecialty is also pursuing a survivor queen breeding program. there is a growing number of beekeepers that think breeding wild bees will help save the bee’s 

last year some of my most productive Beehives were a Bee rescue from  Live Bee Removals . now that we have our apiary in bastrop county we have plenty of room for all the beehives we are  developing and a second apiary to place our established  beehives with the start of the honey flow we are hoping for a good year  for  bees

people often ask why not just kill the bees? the most important reason for the home owner is that the Beehive  can contain a lot of honey and brood the bees take care of the Beehive when they are killed the hive can go rancid and the resulting mess can cause a lot of damage to the  interior and  or exterior of your home. it can also attract bugs rodents and even more bees,


bees in porch

bee pic one

The Beehive pictured above is a fairly new hive you can tell by the light colored wax this hive is less than a year old



Lawn mowers, bee attacks and bee stings

you may experience a bee attack while mowing! If you are mowing or weed-eating your yard and bees start bothering, you should take heed. Sometimes bees will fly into you called headbutting. If a lone bee gets caught in your hair it will try to sting. Generally bees don’t just sting or headbutt for no reason, so if a few or more bees are stinging or headbutting you it would be wise to get away and assess the situation. If they chase you, or they are still there when you return, you may have a beehive. If they are being aggressive once it could very easily get worse. I have had more than one person tell me that they had a few stings more than once before a major attack bee attacks. Happen more than most people realize.

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“Africanized” vs gentle bees

Gentle bees: are they a problem?

I hear people say “my bees are not mean, why should I worry about them?” two reason come to mind. First, bees replace their queen every 1 to 2 years and the queen in your hive may be any age. When a new queen breeds, the male drone can be “Africanized” and the hive can become more aggressive. As the temperatures rise, so do bees tempers. Also hive beetles can get in the hive and cause more problems

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Shortage of Honeybees in U.S.

Recently there has been a shortage of honeybees in the United States and it has become a serious problem with local honey production and crop pollination. For these reasons it is important that as many intrusive bee hives as possible be removed live and intact for relocation to farms so that they may continue to pollinate crops and produce honey so that our agriculture industry in not so adversely affected. If you have a honeybee infestation be sure and call a professional to remove it otherwise we may lose more of these precious winged friends of ours!


Why wasps are dangerous

So why are wasps so dangerous? They are never aggressive unless their nests are threatened. This makes them look harmless. However, if they sting you, it is very painful and can be fatal since their sting produces a deadly anaphylactic reaction in some people who have allergies. This chemical reaction can be fatal if not treated immediately. Additionally, due to the close proximity of their nests to human dwellings, they can pose a threat to the health of children who might be unaware of the lurking danger.

Wasp nest removal is a careful, potentially dangerous process that should always be done by experts. But despite the warnings, many people attempt to address the problem themselves every year, which typically results in disaster.

Unless you have significant experience in removing wasps’ nests, and the right equipment for it, then this is a job that’s best left to professionals. Otherwise, you risk getting stung, or causing others to be injured.