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Shortage of Honeybees in U.S.

Recently there has been a shortage of honeybees in the United States and it has become a serious problem with local honey production and crop pollination. For these reasons it is important that as many intrusive bee hives as possible be removed live and intact for relocation to farms so that they may continue to pollinate crops and produce honey so that our agriculture industry in not so adversely affected. If you have a honeybee infestation be sure and call a professional to remove it otherwise we may lose more of these precious winged friends of ours!


Why wasps are dangerous

So why are wasps so dangerous? They are never aggressive unless their nests are threatened. This makes them look harmless. However, if they sting you, it is very painful and can be fatal since their sting produces a deadly anaphylactic reaction in some people who have allergies. This chemical reaction can be fatal if not treated immediately. Additionally, due to the close proximity of their nests to human dwellings, they can pose a threat to the health of children who might be unaware of the lurking danger.

Wasp nest removal is a careful, potentially dangerous process that should always be done by experts. But despite the warnings, many people attempt to address the problem themselves every year, which typically results in disaster.

Unless you have significant experience in removing wasps’ nests, and the right equipment for it, then this is a job that’s best left to professionals. Otherwise, you risk getting stung, or causing others to be injured.